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Lambo drivers are a discerning bunch. We don’t just want a ride that thrills from within, it needs to look the part as well. This means an expert detailing and valeting service is an essential element of vehicle care – not something that should be entrusted on the back of an online search for ‘auto detailing near me’. At Radical Autoworks, we know just what this entails because we’re Lambo owners ourselves.


Years of supercar valeting expertise makes us masters at our craft. We know how much the smallest details matter.


We wholly believe that it’s up to owners how much airtime they give their supercar. Our VIP service keeps your wheels away from prying eyes, meaning you decide when and where it enters public view.


Your supercar is made to the highest standards. Our detailing care and attention also scale the same dizzy heights. We simply won’t settle for anything less.

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Ready to get your Lamborghini detailed?

Our bespoke service begins with an initial assessment, either at our tailor-made detailing studio or we can come to you.

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Every Lambo has different detailing requirements. We offer a variety of car care, cleaning, and protection options.

Book an assessment

Ready to get your Lamborghini detailed?

Every supercar is unique, meaning the first step towards a bespoke service is to let us provide an initial assessment. Hit ‘book an assessment’ for a no-obligation appraisal. Whether you’re in Bournemouth or anywhere in the South or SW of England, finding auto detailing near me just got a whole lot easier…

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