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We know that even single day shows can be challenging to keep your vehicles in the best show condition. Multi-day shows require even more of a concerted effort to maintain your cars in top condition. And thats not even accounting for the effort that needs to go in before hand to prepare the car.

We're here to take another weight off your mind. You focus on your strengths of putting together a fantastic show stand and we deliver what we do best... exceptionally detailed cars.

Pre-Show Preparation

We've prepared many cars for shows and know how revealing those cameras can be. We can look after the pre-show preparation of your cars to take another weight off your mind.

The Perfect Finish

Under the bright lights and scrutiny of a show or event, your car needs to be looking the best it can be. We spend that extra time just making sure it's perfect.

Multi-Day Support

Multi-day shows need a special type of support. We can have one of our team on hand throughout to tackle greasy finger prints, scratches from bags and dirt deposited by all the visitors to your stand.


We're not there to be seen - shows are all about your brand and your cars. So we come in unbranded clothes or can wear your brand. We're experts at disappearing into the background and letting you concentrate on looking after your customers.

Post Event Decontamination

After its all over we can clean, decontaminate and detail your vehicles so they are ready for sale once again. We always give these cars priority as we know it's important to get them right back to the showroom.

Covered Transport

Our fully enclosed tilt bed car transporter can move just about any car or SUV at a moments notice across the UK.

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Our show and event support services are tailored to your marque and cars because we know you have a unique way of doing your thing. Thats why the first step is to have a call to find out what you need.

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Supercar and Luxury Car Detailing & Protection

Bringing the best out of your classic or supercar with paint correction, PPF, and next level detailing in Dorset and surrounding counties.

Certified Master Detailers by Slims Detailing Academy
IMI (Institute of the Motoring Industry) Certified Detailers

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