Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film protects any paintwork from stone chips, scratches, scuffs, bird droppings and other impurities.

The film is UV-friendly but still allowing the sun to penetrate through to the paintwork at the same rate as it would on any panel which isn’t protected. Best of all, it has self healing properties enabling any light marks or scratches to disappear.

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The film has a high-gloss finish with no 'orange peel' effect whatsoever. In fact, Paint Protection Film can enhance the finish of your paintwork and hide minor impurities.

Our computer-generated patterns are created to fit any car panel perfectly. The film meets panel edges and is virtually invisible. All of our PPF products are covered with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty.


Our PPF protects your paintwork from chips, minor scuffs and scrapes, environmental factors such as bug splatter and protects the finish against defects from poor washing techniques.

Paint Enhancement

Our PPF has a superior optical clarity and is very easy to maintain. When looked after correctly it gives a depth of shine like freshly detailed paint for many years.

Self Healing

Our PPF has a self healing layer. Stone chips, scuffs, scratches and swirls that don’t penetrate this layer disappear with the application of heat from hot tap water, the car’s engine or even just the sun.


If a panel needs replacing, you won’t be off the road for long. Most panels can be replaced within a couple of hours – unlike traditional paint repairs, which often take days or even weeks.

Paint Protection Film options

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Front Essentials

From £890
18” – 24” Up Hood and Fenders. Front Bumper. Headlights and Side Mirrors.

Car required for 1 day

Full Front End

From £1590
Full Hood and Fenders. Front Bumper. Headlights and Side Mirrors.

Car required for 1-2 days

Track pack

From £2090
Full Hood and Fenders. Front Bumper. Headlights and Side Mirrors. A-pillars, partial roof. Side skirts and lower rear arches on both sides.

Car required for 2-4 days

Full Car Coverage

From £4590
Every exposed painted surface on the exterior of the car.

Car required for 4-7 days

Interior Protection

From £199
Carbon fibre, painted parts, high gloss surfaces, touch screens and more.

Car required for 1-2 days

Anything else

Hundreds of applications
We can apply the PPF film to a multitude of surfaces and products from your mobile phone and tablet to your boat or surfaces in your home.

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What is Paint Protection Film (PPF)?

We’ve all seen the little stone guards car manufacturers use on wheel arches, the dull and discoloured film half way across a Supercars bonnet or perhaps the awful ”car bra’s”?

Actually Paint Protection Film or PPF was initially conceived and developed by the US Military as a way to protect Helicopter rotors and other sensitive parts from debris and other intrusions. The thick film was applied on leading edges and potential impact areas, designed to be hard wearing and easily replaced in an environment where aesthetics were far from a necessity. As with so many modern day applications what started as military technology eventually found its way in to the commercial sector and over several decades has slowly developed into the various products we have today protecting our cars.

By comparison the glossy self healing films we use today are a far cry from the thick, ugly ‘Hele tape’ of years gone by! In fact our PPF films and installation methods have been developed to be almost entirely invisible, not only does its provide protection from chips, abrasions and environmental factors but the design, fit and appearance of our modern films actually serves to enhance the look of your car while protecting your investment.

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